Nate Diaz Set To Walk Away With At Least $500k For Boxing Jake Paul

As Nate Diaz prepares for his professional boxing debut against social media personality Jake Paul, there is considerable interest in how much money the UFC veteran will earn.

Following a successful final performance against Tony Ferguson, Diaz, now a free agent, has shifted his focus to the world of boxing. He will face off against Jake Paul, the younger brother of fellow boxer Logan Paul, in his debut match.

While the local athletic commission has not officially confirmed a specific figure, early reports suggest that Diaz will receive a guaranteed purse of $500,000 for the fight against Paul.

However, it’s important to take this amount with caution, as the final sum may vary until it is officially confirmed by the event organizers. Additionally, the reported $500,000 is only the guaranteed fight purse for showing up on the fight day. Diaz is likely to earn additional revenue from high-profile sponsors, a share in pay-per-view and ticket sales, which could substantially increase his total earnings.

The exact dollar amount of Diaz’s earnings might not be disclosed publicly, but it’s possible that he will earn more than the reported $500,000 when all revenue streams are considered.

If the initial indication of $500,000 holds true, it could signify a slight decrease in pay compared to Diaz’s final UFC fight, where he reportedly earned a guaranteed $750,000 for his bout against Tony Ferguson. However, his earlier fights in the UFC likely paid 10x less than this amount, as at the time both Diaz and Ferguson were 2 of the most renowned fighters within the organization.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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