TikToker Slammed For Filming Old Lady In Movie Theatre

A recent TikTok video capturing an elderly woman leaving a theater after watching a Barbie movie has gone viral, sparking a heated debate among viewers.

The video, posted by the user @lisaturation on July 28, shows the old woman exiting the theater alone as the end credits of the movie roll and Billie Eilish’s song “What Was I Made For?” plays in the background, creating a melancholic atmosphere.

The caption of the TikTok read, “Saw this queen leave the theatre alone after Barbie,” which resulted in mixed reactions in the comment section.


Some viewers expressed their disapproval of TikTok creators recording strangers in public without their consent. One top comment received over 9000 likes and stated, “Can we stop recording strangers? Just write it down or something.” Another popular comment read, “Gotta love old people in the wild.”

On the contrary, there were comments praising the woman’s independence and self-love, suggesting that she left the theater alone by choice.

However, the majority of comments criticized the TikToker for filming the elderly woman without her consent, deeming it inappropriate. Another TikToker, nothingbutkap, stitched the video and voiced her disapproval of recording old people without their permission, garnering over 2 million views and significant support from viewers.

Some users expressed their concerns about being filmed in a similar manner without consent when they choose to do things alone. They worried that such videos might be posted with sad music, potentially leading to a misrepresentation of their emotions and experiences.

The viral nature of the original content raised questions among viewers, with some expressing confusion about why society tends to perceive old people as sad, as mentioned in the creator’s response to a comment.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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