Andrew Tate Claims MrBeast Pushes The Agendas Of Satan

Andrew Tate has made allegations against MrBeast, claiming that a recent Twitter giveaway was rigged after he did not win. The giveaway was announced on July 14, coinciding with Twitter’s revenue-sharing program opening for verified users. MrBeast, a prominent internet personality, promised to give away a month’s worth of his Twitter revenue to the person who received the most liked reply to his post within 48 hours.

Numerous participants replied in hopes of winning, with some pledging to donate the winnings to charity or using the opportunity to make jokes. Andrew Tate also participated, stating that he would use the money for his own charity called Tate Pledge.

However, when the giveaway concluded, a French content creator named Arkunir emerged as the winner with 472.8K likes on his reply, surpassing Andrew Tate’s 279.6K likes.

Following the announcement of the winner, Andrew Tate claimed that the giveaway was rigged, asserting that Arkunir’s tweet received fake likes from thousands of bot accounts. He accused the organizers of refusing to support Islamic countries, help innocent children, or make a positive impact on the world, instead accusing them of pushing negative agendas.

Arkunir, the declared winner, decided to donate his winnings to an animal protection foundation. The French organization, Fondation 30 Millions d’Amis, acknowledged Arkunir’s generous contribution, which received media coverage.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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