Post Malone Drops A Cool $2 Million On A Single MTG Card

One of the most renowned fans of Magic: The Gathering (MTG) has now acquired the most valuable card in the game’s history. Post Malone recently purchased the hyper-limited One Ring card from MTG’s Lord of the Rings set, which caused a global frenzy among collectors and fans. The card’s rarity and significance as MTG’s major serialized card contributed to its inflated value, with bounties of up to $2 million being offered for it.

After weeks of holding onto the card amidst the excitement, an unassuming fan in Canada eventually found it. This fortunate individual decided to keep the card to assess its potential worth, leading to a life-changing moment when they realized its value.

Recently, the original founder of the card sold it to Post Malone during a special event hosted by a local games store in Toronto, Canada. In a video shared by the former owner, Post Malone expressed his excitement, calling the moment “the dankest sh*t ever.” While the card’s estimated value stands at $2 million, the exact price Post Malone paid for it remains undisclosed. The rapper is a well-known superfan of MTG and had previously expressed interest in owning the card when it was first released.

The previous owner revealed that they intend to use the proceeds from the sale to invest and secure their future.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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