BaboAbe & Natsumiii Shock Viewers By Announcing Separation On Twitter

Natsumiii and BaboAbe, well-known Twitch streamers and OfflineTV stars, made waves on the internet when they decided to live stream their wedding in November 2022, capturing the hearts of over 60,000 fans.

The ceremony itself was intimate, with some top streamers in attendance, but the entire world had the opportunity to witness the romantic event and shower the couple with well-wishes in the form of emotes like ‘pogchamp’ and ‘feelswowman.’

The wedding became a social media sensation and went viral, but sadly, their happiness was short-lived. Mere months after the celebration, BaboAbe announced their separation in a tweet on July 31, 2023, just eight months after their wedding.

In his tweet, BaboAbe mentioned that he tried everything in his power to salvage the marriage but to no avail. He promised to explain the situation during a live stream but stated that he would not openly discuss the separation further.

During the live stream, BaboAbe acknowledged that the past few months had been incredibly challenging for him, but he has been actively working on himself by seeking therapy, focusing on his physical health through diet and exercise, and reducing his gaming time. He expressed that he is now in a much better place mentally, emotionally, and physically, ready to move forward and focus on himself.

As of now, Natsumiii has not made any official statement regarding the separation, but she retweeted BaboAbe’s post about the ordeal, possibly indicating her acknowledgment of the situation.

It’s worth noting that BaboAbe and Natsumiii are not the only couple to have gone through a split after a major live-streamed milestone. Fuslie and Edison Park also separated in 2021 after getting engaged during Park’s 2019 subathon, a moment that became viral online.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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