Sam Hyde Rumoured To Fight Dr Disrespect For $1 Million

Sam Hyde has issued a bold challenge to YouTuber Dr Disrespect, offering a massive $1 million for a Muay Thai fight. Influencer boxing has become a popular spectacle, and fans have been curious about seeing Dr Disrespect step into the ring for a fight. However, Muay Thai is a step beyond the usual traditional western boxing fights we have seen in the past, and is often far more brutal.

In the past, Dr Disrespect was challenged to a boxing match by Epic Meal Time’s Harley, but he didn’t seem interested, citing the difference in athletic abilities. Now, Sam Hyde has thrown his hat into the ring, proposing a unique twist with a first-ever influencer Muay Thai match.

On Twitter, Sam Hyde asked Leafy, Adin Ross, and Keemstar if he should put $1,000,000 on the line for a fight against Dr Disrespect. Keemstar voiced his support, and Sam updated viewers, suggesting that a contract was on its way to Dr Disrespect.

In a subsequent tweet, Hyde claimed that the fight was all but confirmed for 2024, with a staggering $1 million purse at stake. He referred to it as the first-ever influencer Muay Thai fight with the highest stakes yet.

It remains to be seen whether Dr Disrespect will accept the challenge. However, it’s worth noting that Sam Hyde’s past controversies with boxing events may play a factor in Dr Disrespect’s decision. Hyde was previously not allowed to attend the first Creator Clash for “personal reasons,” as stated by iDubbbz.

Fans will have to wait to see if Dr Disrespect agrees to the match. Nevertheless, the $1 million offer might not be a significant factor for Dr Disrespect, especially if he is offered the $50 million contract he has requested from Kick.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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