Plea Deal Attempt For Bebe Rexha Phone Thrower

During Bebe Rexha’s nationwide “Best F’n Night Of My Life” tour across North America, a fan threw his phone at her, causing her to sustain a black eye and require stitches. The fan, 27-year-old Nicholas Malvagna, was subsequently charged with assault and aggravated harassment. According to prosecutors, during police interviews afterwards, the man claimed that he thought it would be funny, which is why he did it.

Nicholas Malvagna, represented by his lawyer Todd Spodek, is now seeking a plea deal that would lead to the dismissal of all criminal charges against him. During his court appearance, Malvagna’s parents shielded him from reporters. He maintains that he threw the phone with the intention of getting Bebe Rexha to take a photo, citing inspiration from a TikTok trend.

According to Malvagna, he believed Rexha was looking in his direction, but his phone accidentally hit her in the face. He claims that the TikTok trend involves throwing the phone onto the stage, and the celebrity then picks it up to take a selfie.

At the time of Malvagna’s arrest, his lawyer released a statement describing the incident as an unfortunate accident and emphasizing that Malvagna’s sole intention was to have Bebe Rexha take photos with his phone and return it as a keepsake, not to cause her harm.

Spodek stated that they have not received any evidence to support the charges, and they are considering relevant motions. He anticipates a resolution without going to trial, with all the criminal charges ultimately being dropped.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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