MrBeast Sues Company That Made MrBeast Burger Over Quality Of Food

MrBeast, also known as James Donaldson, is taking legal action against Virtual Dining Concepts, the company responsible for managing his branded fast food chain. In November 2020, MrBeast partnered with Virtual Dining Concepts, specializing in “ghost kitchens,” to establish a chain of MrBeast-branded fast food “virtual restaurants.”

However, over the past few years of MrBeast Burger’s existence, the chain faced a flood of complaints from fans and customers about receiving subpar quality food, sometimes even served raw. In response to these numerous complaints, MrBeast is now suing Virtual Dining Concepts, citing issues with their quality control as reported by Bloomberg.

The lawsuit highlights the negative reviews and feedback that MrBeast Burger has received, with customers referring to the burgers as “disgusting,” “revolting,” and “inedible.” Thousands of negative reviews, articles, and comments have expressed deep disappointment that MrBeast would associate his name with such a product. The lawsuit points out that MrBeast, as the face of the brand, has faced significant backlash and criticism, despite the business being primarily based on the global value of the MrBeast brand.

Moreover, the lawsuit alleges that MrBeast has not received any payments from the business, despite it making millions of dollars. The legal documentation includes hundreds of exhibits, such as reviews, videos by H3H3 and Eddy Burback, social media posts by average fans showing the subpar food quality, and numerous news reports on the issue.

MrBeast himself has publicly expressed on Twitter that he prefers managing his Feastables line, as it grants him more control over the quality of orders. He regrets the inability to guarantee the quality with virtual restaurants and mentioned that he is bound by his contract with MrBeast Burger. To ensure he can always prioritize the best for his fans, he plans to retain control over Feastables, learning a harsh lesson from this experience.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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