xQc Confirms Break-Up With Short Term Girlfriend Fran

During a live stream, xQc announced that his recently revealed relationship with former Overwatch content creator, Fran, has come to an end.

xQc has been in the public eye with a few romantic relationships in the past, notably with Adept and Nyxii, which garnered attention and involvement from his community.

When xQc went public with his relationship with Fran in early June, his chat and Subreddit were filled with criticisms, particularly regarding his lighter streaming schedule while being romantically involved. This negative input from fans led the streamer to defend his feelings and privacy, lashing out at those who wouldn’t show respect.

Now, weeks later, xQc has confirmed during a recent stream that he and Fran have been separated for some time, despite trying to keep it quiet. The couple initially kept their relationship private due to the reaction from xQc’s fan community to his previous partners. The reasons behind their “mutual” breakup are not entirely clear, but the recent backlash to their public announcement might have played a role.

xQc expressed that there are currently many complex and overwhelming factors in his life, particularly after signing a $70 million contract with Kick. He feels that he is causing collateral damage to those around him and believes it’s necessary to take a break from pursuing a relationship until things calm down.

The streamer’s packed schedule may also be impacting his mental and physical health, though fans continue to demand more content from him.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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