xQc In Hot Water Over New Reaction Video Content

Twitch sensation xQc faced criticism when he was accused of “stealing” content for his reaction videos. As reaction videos grow in popularity, big streamers like xQc often gain more views than the original creators, leading to a backlash against the trend.

Recently, xQc came under fire when a Twitter user named ‘FilmsBub’ shared a screenshot of one of his recent reaction streams, suggesting that he was reuploading another YouTuber’s content without providing any input. The tweet received support from others, fueling the accusations.

In response, xQc defended himself, stating that he adds a lot of commentary and frequently pauses during his reaction streams. He emphasized that he engages with his chat, which sometimes results in him receiving messages telling him to stop talking.

According to xQc, many of these reaction streams serve as “second screen content” for viewers who have them on while doing other activities, like playing games. He explained that his viewers prefer less commentary as excessive talking can make them bored or upset. After all, if viewers really valued the original content that much, surely they would close his reaction video and watch the regular one. However, there is clearly a reason why xQc is so popular.

Support from his fans poured in, with many agreeing that they watch his streams on their second monitors while doing other tasks, appreciating the side entertainment xQc provides.

Although xQc acknowledged that some topics might warrant more extensive commentary, he understands what his audience desires, and he claimed he would be willing to return “every penny” to the original creators of any “full react” streams if that would resolve the issue.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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