Twitch Streamer Mizkif Breaks Down In Tears After Reading Text

Mizkif was deeply moved and brought to tears when he shared a heartwarming message he received from his house cleaner. The streaming star’s act of kindness has significantly impacted the cleaner’s life, enabling him to purchase his own home.

As streaming continues to grow in popularity, it has not only transformed the lives of prominent creators but also those around them. It’s not uncommon for creators to give back to their friends, family, employees, and even fans. For instance, streamer Adin Ross has pledged to fund cancer treatments for those in need.

In Mizkif’s case, the 28-year-old has made a significant difference in his house cleaner’s life. By providing him with work opportunities not only with Mizkif but also with other streamers, the cleaner was able to achieve the dream of owning his own house.

During a live stream on July 28, Mizkif received an unexpected text from his cleaner, JJ, at 1 am. This was unusual since JJ had never texted him at such an hour in the four years they had known each other. Mizkif was concerned and wondered if something had happened to him.

The full clip can be viewed here.

After a few anxious moments without a response, JJ finally replied. Mizkif read the heartfelt message to his viewers, which expressed deep gratitude for all the work Mizkif had given him and the referrals to friends and other streamers. Thanks to these opportunities, JJ was able to purchase his house and had just closed the deal.

Mizkif’s emotional reaction touched the hearts of his viewers, who flooded the chat with kind messages. The streaming star and his act of generosity have made a significant impact on the life of his house cleaner, and the appreciation expressed in the message resonated with both Mizkif and his audience.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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