Cardi B Throws Microphone At Fan In Retaliation

Cardi B has become a viral sensation after a video captured the moment she retaliated against a fan who threw a drink at her during a performance. This incident adds to a disturbing trend of fans throwing objects at their favorite artists during shows. As these events have happened so often, fans didn’t even care that Cardi B had thrown the microphone. Furthermore, they understood it and mostly supported it.

Earlier this year, Bebe Rexha had to be quickly escorted off stage when a concert-goer’s phone struck her in the head, and recently, a Drake fan received an offer from Playboy after tossing their bra at the rapper.

However, Cardi B showed that she wouldn’t tolerate such behavior when a drink was hurled at her while she was performing at Drai’s Beach Club in Las Vegas. Without hesitation, the rapper launched her microphone back at the fan.

Support for Cardi B’s response flooded Twitter, with many applauding her actions, stating that people need to stop throwing things at performers. Some users expressed disgust with the trend of attending female artists’ sets just to attack them, hoping that those participating in such behavior face consequences.

Cardi B herself addressed the incident on social media, humorously writing, “Water and gas included… literally,” accompanied by the hashtag “jealousy.” This isn’t the first time she has used her microphone to defend herself from unruly concert-goers. At the Wireless Festival in 2022, while performing her hit song “Bodak Yellow,” she repeatedly used her microphone to deter a fan who appeared to be causing trouble in the crowd.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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