Logan Paul Claims He Is More Talented Than 100% Of The WWE Roster

Wrestling legend Ric Flair showered Logan Paul with high praise, hailing him as superior to a large portion of the active WWE roster. Logan, who has made a significant impact on the WWE despite being part-time, has garnered admiration from fans and fellow wrestlers worldwide.

During a recent interview with Fox News, Flair expressed his admiration for Logan Paul’s wrestling skills, asserting that the rising star possesses immense talent in the squared circle. Flair even went as far as to suggest that Logan is better than around 70% of the full-time WWE wrestlers. Flair commended Logan’s fearlessness and willingness to take risks, acknowledging his impressive athleticism.

However, Logan had an intriguing response to Flair’s praise. Instead of being humbled, Logan firmly disagreed with the wrestling legend. In a spicy reply, Logan stated that he believed he was not just better than 70% of the roster, but better than 100% of it, inflating his ego to a new high.

The clash of opinions between the two personalities adds an interesting dynamic to the discussion of Logan Paul’s prowess in the WWE, leaving fans curious about his future in the wrestling world.

Overall, Logan Paul has been met with hostile judgment from WWE fans who didn’t want another celebrity in high-profile matches at the cost of other talented wrestlers. However, over time he has become more of a heel character that they love to hate. It’s not doubt that comments like this will increase the hatred of him, ironically making him more popular.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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