Dog Poop On Live Stream Gets Valannn 24-Hour Ban From Twitch

A Twitch streamer is expressing frustration with the platform after receiving a temporary ban when her elderly dog had an accident during one of her broadcasts.

The streamer, known as ‘Valannn,’ was left embarrassed when her senior Shiba Inu dog named ‘Kouki’ had an unexpected incident during a late July broadcast. In a now-deleted clip, Valannn was seen holding Kouki and explaining to her viewers that her dog seemed to need to go to the bathroom, judging by the way he was wagging his tail. However, before she could take him outside, Kouki ended up relieving himself right then and there. Despite the awkward situation, many viewers found it amusing, and a clip of the incident went viral online.

Unfortunately, the incident had consequences for Valannn. On July 26, she shared a screenshot of an email from Twitch, revealing that she had received a temporary ban due to the incident. The email stated that she had also received a Community Guidelines strike for “sharing content featuring bodily fluids.”

Valannn expressed frustration with Twitch’s response, questioning if her ban for her dog’s accidental poop was truly necessary for the safety of the community. Although it was her first-ever ban, she was concerned about the potential lasting consequences, as multiple strikes could lead to a permanent suspension.

Thankfully, Valannn’s ban is only for 24 hours, and she will soon be back to streaming. Despite the situation, she found some humor in it, as DUDE Wipes reached out to her with a potential sponsorship, asking where they should send the wipes.

It’s worth noting that while Valannn understands that such content is not allowed on Twitch, she clarifies that she didn’t realize her dog was pooping at the moment, and she immediately took him outside as soon as she noticed. However, Twitch viewers will know that the company is very militant about rule breaking and bans first before asking questions.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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