Skittles Launches New Bizarre Mustard Flavored Candy

At first glance, you might think that this was an April fools day prank, however, we are in late July. Skittles has surprised the internet with a new and unexpected flavor: French’s Mustard Skittles. This peculiar candy joins the more familiar flavors like strawberry and blackcurrant, offering fans a chance to snack on the tangy taste of mustard.

In celebration of National Mustard Day on August 5, Skittles and French’s have partnered to create this unique flavor. Customers now have the opportunity to purchase the French’s Mustard Skittles and even have a chance to win a fun-sized packet of the unusual candy.

Ro Cheng, Marketing Director at Mars, expressed that Skittles always aims to bring moments of everyday happiness and provide unexpected ways for fans to experience the brand. Although it remains to be seen whether Mustard Skittles will inspire happiness, the internet has undeniably been taken by surprise with this unusual addition to the Skittles lineup.

Valda Coryat, the North American Vice President of Marketing for McCormick & Company (the parent company of French’s), shared her excitement about collaborating with Skittles to offer the beloved Classic Yellow Mustard tang in this new and fun candy.

Twitter users reacted to the news, expressing their bewilderment about the new flavor. Skittles’ official account humorously responded to many of the tweets, adding to the buzz around the unexpected candy.

To get their hands on this unique flavor, fans can visit the French’s “Mustard Mobile” in select US cities, including Atlanta, Washington, and New York. Additionally, there is an online sweepstake offering the chance to win a free fun-sized packet of the tangy treats.

While some may find the concept intriguing, others are left puzzled by this unusual fusion of candy and mustard flavors. Nevertheless, the collaboration between Skittles and French’s has certainly created a lot of buzz around National Mustard Day.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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