IShowSpeed Extremely Happy To Meet Kim Kardashian

YouTube star IShowSpeed had an exciting encounter with Kim Kardashian at a PSG vs. Al-Nassr football game. Known for his wild on-stream antics, IShowSpeed is also a football enthusiast. Last month, he fulfilled a dream by meeting his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo.

During the game on July 25, IShowSpeed spotted Kim Kardashian with her seven-year-old son, Saint, in the stands. He took the opportunity to introduce himself and had a friendly conversation with the young boy, asking him to choose between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Saint enthusiastically picked Ronaldo as his favorite.

Curious to know Kim’s preference, IShowSpeed then posed the same question to her, asking, “Kim, what about you — Messi or Ronaldo?” After contemplating for a moment, Kim decided to sit on the fence and replied, “Both.”

Expressing his surprise, IShowSpeed playfully argued, “Both? Ronaldo’s better!” Despite the playful banter, the encounter remained lighthearted and friendly.

After the enjoyable conversation, IShowSpeed shared hugs with Saint and took some photos with the famous family before returning to his seat. Clearly excited to meet Kim Kardashian at a football game, IShowSpeed appreciated the opportunity, even if she holds both Messi and Ronaldo in high regard.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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