Andrew Schulz Seems To Bury The Hatchet With NELK Boys As Podcast Is Released

After an 8-month-long wait, the NELK Boys have finally released their much-anticipated podcast episode featuring Andrew Schulz, and they are open to doing another one.

The episode was recorded back in November 2022, where Schulz joined the YouTube collective for an hour. In the podcast, Schulz mentioned feeling “trolled” by Steiny at times and even thought he was meant to be interviewing the YouTubers. A few clips surfaced, showing some clashes between Schulz and Steiny, though it never escalated into a full-blown argument.

After Schulz expressed his feelings about the episode, the NELK Boys responded and expressed their desire to make things right. They offered to film a second episode with Schulz to improve the experience. However, despite the initial reluctance to release the episode, it has now been made public.

The podcast was released on Twitter instead of YouTube, partly because SteveWillDoIt appears in it, which isn’t allowed on the video-sharing platform. Kyle Forgeard, one of the NELK Boys, shared a message explaining that they wanted the episode to come out much earlier but encountered some resistance. Nonetheless, after Schulz encouraged them to release it, they decided to do so.

Kyle also mentioned that they treated the episode as a boys-only episode, intending to have a relaxed and laid-back conversation about various topics. While he was bummed to hear that Schulz didn’t enjoy the podcast, they are open to the idea of doing another episode with him, as many fans have expressed interest in seeing it happen.

For now, any potential beef or tension between Schulz and the NELK Boys seems to have been resolved, and it remains to be seen if they will collaborate again in the future.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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