NPC Queen Explains How TikTok Trend Began

Most would agree, the first-ever NPC streamer on TikTok is said to be Natuecoco, a Japanese content creator also known as Natsue Coco. She gained viral fame in 2021 with her NPC (Non-Player Character) videos alongside fellow TikToker Satoyu727. Natuecoco initially started her online career on Twitch and Instagram in 2019, focusing mainly on her cosplays. However, in February 2022, she retired from Twitch and shifted her attention to TikTok Live.

On TikTok, Natuecoco began livestreaming in October 2021, quickly amassing a large following of over 1.5 million followers and 7.1 million likes on her videos. The trend of NPC streaming on TikTok gained traction, with other content creators joining in, especially after fellow NPC streamer Nerdywinter revealed the significant income she earned from her first NPC broadcast.

Natuecoco’s NPC videos grew in popularity, leading her to experiment further by doing livestreams while in her NPC character, which further propelled the trend’s popularity. In a recent video, Natuecoco explained her motivation for continuing NPC content and streams. She sees her NPC livestreaming as an ongoing experiment to understand what resonates with people.

Her intention is to stimulate her audience and observe their reactions to different movements and phrases she performs as an NPC. Through this, she aims to build a bridge of communication with her audience, fascinated by the diverse interpretations they have of the same actions she performs.

In a recent video, Natuecoco shared her motivation for persisting with her NPC content and streams. She described her NPC livestreaming as an ongoing endeavor aimed at unraveling the intricacies of human responses.

Natuecoco expressed, “I sought to engage the audience and observe their reactions to the various motions I performed,” as conveyed through a translator. “Consequently, I devised diverse movements, using them as a means to establish a connection with the audience through their reactions.”

By experimenting with different movements and phrases, Natuecoco sought to gauge her audience’s responses. What particularly captivated her was the diverse array of interpretations people had in response to the same actions she performed.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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