Youtube JiDion Banned From All NBA Games Due To Recent Sleeping Prank

Renowned YouTube prankster JiDion faced repercussions for his latest high-profile sports prank when he was banned from “all NBA-related events.” JiDion is well-known for his extravagant pranks, often executed at major sporting occasions. He has a history of being removed from athletic competitions, such as the US Open, where he got a haircut while seated courtside. Despite a similar incident at an NBA game the previous year, he escaped punishment for that particular prank.

In his recent practical joke, JiDion took things to another level by actively involving himself in the game. During a WNBA match between the Minnesota Lynx and the Dallas Wings, he complained to a referee about the heat. When the ball flew into the crowd near him, he seized the opportunity to retrieve it but, instead of returning it to the referee, he attempted a jump shot, which ended in failure. As a result of this stunt, he was swiftly ejected from the game by arena staff, who informed him that shooting the ball during the game was not allowed.

Undeterred by the consequences, JiDion attended another WNBA game in Los Angeles, where he stretched out on some courtside seats, complete with a blanket and pillow, pretending to take a nap. Unfortunately for him, he was once again expelled from the game and subsequently banned from attending any “NBA-related events” by the staff.

In response to JiDion’s latest pranks, his fanbase has flooded the comments section of the WNBA’s official Instagram account with sleeping emojis, aligning with the theme of his video titled “Don’t Sleep on the WNBA!”

JiDion has a history of facing similar consequences for his antics, and it seemed it was only a matter of time before he received a ban from the NBA.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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