Michael and Ariel Tyson announce their eighth baby

Over the years, both Michael and Ariel Tyson have made headlines for their huge family. In true Tyson fashion, Ariel recently announced that she was pregnant yet again, with an eighth baby on the way. This was done on Tiktok, where she cradled her bump, while her husband Michael Tyson happily held up a placard that simply read, ‘8’.

This now means that their total family will feature ten members. However, you’d also be foolish to write them off there, and knowing the Tyson’s, there could still be more babies to be had in the future which is a realistic possibility.

Although the Tyson’s were undeniably happy with their news, not everyone felt the same. On the popular news site Reddit, fans were quick to throw shade on the family, with one person writing, “The emotional and psychological burnout is real. By year 18 with kid one everyone will be fine, but by year 18 with kid eight they’ll likely be significantly less emotionally and psychologically nourished in their youth than kid one.”

Whether this actually happens remains to be seen. Nonetheless, it does raise a point about having loads of kids. Ultimately though, this is down to Ariel and Michael Tyson and from a financial perspective, they can certainly afford it. Not only this but compared to certain other Tiktok family creators, you could also argue that these two are more together. With this in mind, it looks like a case of haters make a fuss over little.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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