Footage resurfaces of Shane Dawson calling Colleen Ballinger “The shadiest”

Back in 2015, Youtube supremo Shane Dawson appeared on a podcast and did not hold back when it came to discussing Colleen Ballinger. Here, he mentioned how she would criticize other YouTubers, despite collaborating with them. He also claimed that she loved drama and gossip. In true Shane Dawson fashion, his description of her was blunt but also appreciative of her in an ironic way.

When asked about the controversial creator, Dawson had this to say: “Colleen is the best because she is the most hateful, the shadiest. I love her, she’s like “who do you hate?”, a lot of the comedy comes from self-hatred. Man, hanging out with her, she’s so good at it.”

Fast forward almost 10 years later, and Colleen has been in a lot of drama lately due to allegations made about her. However, in fairness to her – Dawson did not refer to any of these claims in the clip and was instead criticizing her personality and tendency to gossip.

Since her infamous ‘Toxic gossip train’ apology video, Ballinger has continued to create content and has seemingly returned to business as usual. Whether her career will last after such damaging accusations remains to be seen. Nonetheless, this old interview with Shane Dawson shows just how crazy the Youtube industry can be when looking behind the scenes, and how not everyone is what they may seem on the surface.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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