Ace Family accused of ‘scamming’ after Tesla giveaway

On June 11, the popular YouTube couple, Austin and Catherine McBroom of the Ace Family, made an exciting announcement regarding a giveaway of Catherine’s Tesla Model X. Fans were encouraged to participate by tagging two friends in the comments, downloading the Kick app, and following them on their new streaming platform.

In the terms and conditions provided, it was explicitly stated that the winner would be chosen randomly and announced on June 25. Austin reaffirmed this during a subsequent Kick livestream.

However, some fans have since raised concerns, accusing the couple of manipulating the giveaway by hand-picking the winner instead of adhering to the promised random draw. These accusations surfaced after another Kick livestream took place.

The Kick livestream was intended to reveal the lucky winner, but surprisingly, the announcement was never made public. Neither Austin nor Catherine mentioned the winner on their social media platforms since the giveaway.

These claims were further heightened when Austin commented, “When it came to picking out the Tesla winner, it ended up being actually easier than we thought,” Austin claimed during the livestream. “The reason I say that is because we literally had like two other guys along with us looking for somebody who was really part of the Ace Family.”

It’s worth noting that the Ace Family has faced prior accusations of scams, including ongoing lawsuits related to Austin’s boxing event and a cosmetics company suing Catherine over an alleged “coup” she staged, among other issues. At the same time, usually the McBroom family end up continuing on regardless.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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