Keemstar responds to competition winner almost 8 years later

It’s not every day that you win a giveaway competition and receive the prize almost 8 years later. However, this is exactly what happened with one particular Keemstar fan. As seen in the image below, Keemstar did a GFuel giveaway 7 years back. One winner messaged Keem saying that he didn’t receive any GFuel and then did a follow-up message years later, which finally caught Keem’s attention. The first message was literally sent in October 2015 which says it all.

Clearly, you can’t knock the guy for his persistence and it eventually paid off. Keemster responded and claimed that he would send the winner some Prime instead. Although GFuel is still around, it is no longer associated with Keemstar and this happened after his beef with H3H3. This is probably the reason why he’s no longer got any available GFuel to send.

On a positive note, it’s also good to see him coming through with his promises. A lot of people may have looked at this message and decided to ignore it, especially as it was years later. It was probably a case of Keemstar innocently forgetting or that the original batch somehow didn’t get to the giveaway winner. This also makes us wonder if anyone else out there has ever won a giveaway without receiving their prize.

Martin Dover

Martin Dover

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