Tyler1 BLASTS Twitch viewers

During a recent stream, popular streamer Tyler1 expressed frustration towards viewers who prefer his League of Legends content over his variety of streams. This unexpected outburst caught many by surprise, especially considering it was triggered by a harmless viewer’s game recommendation. The conversation began when a viewer mentioned the negative reactions from chat whenever Tyler1 played something other than League of Legends, stating, “Chat is just hating because it’s not league.”

However, Tyler1 vehemently disagreed and responded with his trademark anger, stating, “That’s not how it works, bro. No, you variety viewers are the worst viewers on the planet, and you all need to be silenced like the disrespectful individuals you are. That’s the real issue.” Given Tyler1’s known propensity for outbursts and insulting chat, his comments align with his typical content style.

Having said this, as Tyler1 has been streaming for almost 10 years now, this vent may be nothing more than that – and at the end of the day, he probably won’t be leaving the platform anytime soon. Further still, knowing Tyler1 – this could have all been a publicity stunt from the start which seems to have worked!

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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