Jinny ordered to pay $2,500 for streaming in Norweigan museum

Jinny, a prominent South Korean IRL streamer on Twitch known for capturing her adventurous global journeys and the various mischievous situations she finds herself in, encountered an unexpected situation that caught her off guard.

While exploring the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, Jinny entered an area dedicated to blacksmithing, where she was approached by a museum employee who inquired about her Twitch presence.

Upon confirming her streaming activities, the employee informed her that in order to continue using Twitch within the museum premises, she would need to make a substantial payment.

The amount requested was approximately $2,500, equivalent to 25,000 Norwegian Krone, a financial burden that Jinny was reluctant to bear solely for the sake of her content creation.

Interestingly, the employee himself admitted that he was merely relaying information as instructed, leaving Jinny with no choice but to leave the blacksmith area prematurely and conclude her museum visit.

The rationale behind the museum’s policy remains unclear. Nevertheless, there have been instances in the past where Twitch streamers caused disruptions during their global explorations, including accidental entrapment in a cemetery.

Whether Jinny ultimately acquiesced and paid the bill remains unknown, and this incident sparked a division of opinions among viewers regarding the rightful position between Jinny and the museum.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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