Keemstar & Others Believe Kick Is Inflating Viewership Figures

On Saturday a screenshot emerged of the popular streamer Destiny who appeared to have over 170k viewers watching his stream while he played games and discussed politics.

This prompted Keemstar, as well as others to question the numbers which were displayed. Viewbotting is nothing new, and it’s a fact that there are now more bots on the internet than there are humans. With that being said, Destiny is an extremely popular streamer, so what is the truth?

Keemstar mentions that internet history shows streamers who move to smaller platforms never have higher viewership figures to begin with. In fairness to Keemstar, this sentence makes complete logical sense. It’s no doubt that Kick is causing waves in the world of online streaming, but it is still no where near as big as Twitch in July 2023.

Furthermore, if we take a look at Destiny’s Twitch stats from 6-12 months ago, it really does look like Keemstar has a point. Twitchtracker shows that the outspoken political streamer averaged 18k views when live streaming on Twtich. So would it really make sense that he could pull in 170k live views whilst having a fairly random stream on Kick with nothing too exciting happening?

Overall, comments of other streamers and Kick viewers echoed these findings. Almost nobody believed that these numbers were real, with some users claiming that there were other streamers on the platform with viewbot numbers of up to 150k. This does raise the question of whether you can trust any kind of number displayed on a screen? After all, it can easily be manipulated.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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