SteveWillDoIt calls H3H3 A ‘Loser’

In a recent podcast clip with gym bro Bradley Martyn, SteveWillDoIt spoke openly about his beef with Youtube commentator H3H3. Here, he claimed that H3 (Ethan Klein) was a “loser” due to his constant focus on internet drama and gossip.

Their feud began when H3H3 called out because Steve allegedly touched his dog inappropriately. As Steve claimed on the Bradley Martyn podcast, this was an obvious joke – yet H3H3 still made a long video based on it. In the clip, Steve also spoke about losing his sponsorship money during the peak of his Youtube fame.

Looking at the comments, it seemed that many agreed with Steve with one person writing, “H3 is a PRIME example of die a hero or live long enough to become a villain. He became the very thing he used to make fun of.” Despite having a hugely loyal fanbase, this sentiment has grown in recent years.

This isn’t the first time that H3H3 has called out other Youtubers – in fact, he’s built a career from it. Famously, he beefed with Keemstar (another Youtube critic) which saw their feud last for years while simultaneously getting very petty. Based on this, it wouldn’t be surprising to see H3 bite on this recent SteveWillDoIt remark.

Martin Dover

Martin Dover

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