Colleen Ballinger performs cringey Youtube apology with ukelele

A few weeks ago, allegations came out surrounding Colleen Ballinger and inappropriate behavior with fans. Here, it was alleged that she groomed young followers of hers many years ago. Since then, she hasn’t had much of an online presence, until now.

Most Youtubers usually respond to this sort of stuff with a generic apology video. Here, they’ll have their hair tied back, plain clothes, no make-up and act in a very humble way. This wasn’t the case for Colleen Ballinger who attempted something a little left of field.

What followed was possibly the most cringe worthy apology video ever, where she tried to explain her situation in the form of song, while simultaneously playing a ukelele. It’s not sure if she was trying to be artistic, humorous or a mixture, but overall it didn’t land well at all and was universally mocked by viewers who labeled it ‘tragic’ and ‘awful’, amongst other criticisms.

As seen above, the song was about a “Toxic gossip train” where she claimed to be the victim of ‘lies’, and ‘manipulation’ while also describing herself as a ‘weird aunt’ who ‘overshared’. In short, it wasn’t just corny – but it was also pretty patronizing and arguably manipulative. Perhaps in her head, it sounded much better than what it came out as.

If people thought Colleen Ballinger may have had a chance of a comeback then this wasn’t it.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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