Twitch updates ‘mature content’ policy

Twitch has introduced additional categorizations for “mature content,” such as swearing, gambling, and sexual themes, in order to assist creators in determining when to label their streams as mature.

For quite some time, Twitch has provided the option to designate channels as mature, restricting access to users over 18 years old.

However, there has been confusion about when to utilize this existing feature, prompting Twitch to unveil a more precise method.

Known as Content Classification Labels, this new approach from the Amazon-owned platform offers users a more defined description with several options to select from.

They have enhanced the current mature content toggle by incorporating specific labels that should be applied whenever a stream includes the following:

  • Games with mature ratings
  • Sexual themes
  • Drug use, intoxication, or excessive tobacco use
  • Violent and graphic depictions
  • Significant profanity or vulgarity
  • Gambling

The blog post also mentions that labeling streams is now mandatory, although streamers will not be suspended for failing to do so. However, those who repeatedly neglect to label their streams may have the appropriate label automatically applied, without the ability to remove it.

This is the most recent change Twitch has implemented in the past few weeks. In early June, the platform introduced new Branded Content Guidelines, which were quickly reversed after being live for just one day.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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