Nickmercs returns to Twitch and gains over 11,000 subscribers

After a few days off, Nickmercs finally decided to return to Twitch to stream. This resulted in him gaining a staggering 11,000 new subscribers which he was more than pleased with. He mentioned this on a statement on Twitter where he wrote, “11,000 subs in a single stream… The love & support means a lot, thank you. They shot and missed, and one things for sure, the MFAMs got me. Train keeps moving”

This was a clear reference to his ongoing Call of Duty saga. Earlier on in the month, Nickmercs had spoken out about the Pride celebrations and was clearly against them. As a result, Call of Duty ended their longstanding sponsorship of him.

At this point, you may think that Nickmercs would get canceled. However, many fans rallied behind him and voiced their support. Whatever your stance on his views, it was clear that many people stuck by him and went against Call of Duty for their actions.

It seems that the people have once again voted with their feet. This time, it’s in the form of 11,000 new subscribers from just one stream. While this may not amount to the money that he made with his Call of Duty deal, it still shows that he is supported and isn’t exactly financially struggling.

Having said this, it will still be interesting to see where he ends up in the long run when all of the dust has settled.



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