Amouranth moves over to stream on Kick

Amouranth, the largest female streamer on Twitch in 2022, captivated audiences with her cunning sense of humor and boundary-pushing content that bordered on NSFW. Her success on the platform has been undeniable, sparking endless conversations about her ability to push the limits of Twitch.

During her seventh anniversary celebration on Twitch, Amouranth surprised everyone by including “Kick” in the title and eventually leaving Twitch for the rival platform in the middle of her livestream.

This move, coupled with xQc’s recent departure, signifies a significant shift as two of Twitch’s top streamers migrated to Kick within just two days. Although it remains unclear whether Amouranth has a contract with Kick similar to xQc’s, her announcement has created quite a stir.

Despite expressing previous reservations about leaving Twitch for Kick, Amouranth has evidently overcome those concerns and decided to switch platforms, or at the very least, allocate some of her streaming time elsewhere.

The specifics of her contract, if she indeed has one, are currently unknown. However, if it resembles xQc’s situation, it’s likely that Amouranth won’t be obligated to stream exclusively on Kick.

Nonetheless, given Kick’s favorable revenue split for creators and more lenient content restrictions during livestreams, the emerging platform could serve as an ideal destination for Amouranth. With prominent Twitch streamers claiming that “Twitch is done” following xQc’s move, Amouranth’s transition further reinforces that sentiment.



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