MRBeast Burger to CLOSE DOWN after MrBeast looks elsewhere

This week, it was revealed that MrBeast would be closing down his MrBeast Burger business. Although this business venture was undoubtedly a financial success (due to its versatile business model), it looks as though MrBeast has decided to call it a day and move on. Check the screenshot below for more information.

When asked about the fate of his burger restaurants, MrBeast replied, “Yeah, the problem with Beast Burger is I can’t guarantee the quality of the order. When working with other restaurants it’s impossible to control it sadly. And tbh, I just enjoy Festables 100x more. Making snacks is awesome and something I’m way more passionate about.”

So, why did this happen? Basically, Beast Burger was never a physical store. Instead, it involved the idea of being a ‘ghost kitchen’ where you could order a certain burger that was then cooked at various restaurants involved in the scheme. Overall, it’s a really clever idea and undoubtedly made him money and spread his brand.

However, it would have been difficult to maintain quality control and perhaps lacked longevity as the novelty wore off. Instead, his Feastables range is a physical product that is stocked by places like Target. Perhaps it is a case of his Feastables being even more successful, which took MrBeasts time away from his burgers. Overall, this is a rare case of a business succeeding yet still closing due to not being worthy of any time or effort.

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