Andrew Tate’s Emergency Meeting Livestream breaks Rumble records with big numbers

Over the years, Andrew Tate has hosted various ‘Emergency Meeting’ broadcasts from his home in Romania. However, the latest one (yesterday) was a little different. The relevance of this is that it was his first meeting since being released from Romanian jail. As you would expect then, there was a lot of hype surrounding his broadcast and what he had to say.

With this in mind, it wasn’t too surprising that this one did big numbers, and his video peaked with over 432,000 concurrent viewers (whilst getting millions of views overall). This was the biggest live stream in Rumble’s history, and even beat the likes of Donald Trump who previously had over 400,000 concurrent streams on some of his speeches.

Overall, this shows a few things. Firstly, the influence of Andrew Tate is widespread and also that Rumble is potentially growing as a streaming platform. This comes on the same day that Youtube also lowered its partnership requirements (for monetization) from 1000 subscribers down to 500 – in a move that many believed was motivated by the growth of competition.

Looking at this from the outside, it will be interesting to see how Rumble capitalizes on this and whether they can continue to ruffle the feathers of Youtube and other mainstream platforms such as Twitch.



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