TikTok user keeps getting Mr Beasts’ name tattooed until they meet

In a bizarre turn of events, a TikTok user known as ‘RichFlows’ recently garnered attention after getting MrBeast’s name tattooed on his kneecap eight times, seemingly in the hopes of meeting his idol. He shared a video of his tattoos with his followers on April 25, which has now gone viral on Twitter, leaving people surprised that he went to the extent of permanently inking a YouTuber’s name on his body.

At the bottom of the video, RichFlows wrote, “Dear MrBeast, you’re the light of hope this world needed,” he captioned his video. “Keep inspiring.”

Bizarrely, this isn’t the first time RichFlows has taken such an extreme step either. Earlier in 2022, he did something similar with FaZe Rug’s name, getting 37 tattoos of the influencer’s gamer tag on various parts of his body.

As of right now, the video shows that RichFlows has been tattooed 8 times with Mr Beasts name on his body. However, the chances are that this number will rise over time. Overall, it will be interesting to see if this number gets to double figures and whether it eventually overtakes FaZe Rug’s numbers. On a similar note, it would also be intriguing to see just how far RichFlows would take it if Mr Beast ignored him.

So, is this a case of plain stupidity and clout chasing, or is it actually good marketing and a unique approach to getting your name out there?



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