Reddit blackout goes live as thousands of communities turn off

Many Reddit communities are organizing a widespread blackout that will have a significant impact on millions of users. This uprising is a response to proposed fees for third-party app developers, which these communities argue will render the social media platform inaccessible to a large portion of its users.

On June 12, numerous prominent subreddits such as r/videos, r/gaming, and r/bestof will go offline for 48 hours, aiming to prevent the implementation of the new pricing structure. In fact, it is estimated that there may be tens of thousands of reddit communities joining the blackout – with a mixture of small and large subreddits jumping on board.

For the past decade, third-party apps have gained popularity as an alternative way to access the platform, often preferred over the official app due to their enhanced user experience. These apps rely on an Application Programming Interface (API) to retrieve information from the site and display it within the app.

Although Advance Publications owns and operates Reddit, volunteer administrators oversee the platform’s forums and have coordinated this protest. Overall, this shows the changing space within the digital sphere as a new age of control looks to battle on beyond the next few days. It also shows that as a reddit user, you may be more dependent on the site than you think!



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