Fans speculate that xQc is secretly engaged to Fran

Fran, a former Overwatch streamer who stopped streaming in early 2022, recently shared a photo of herself kissing xQc, sparking speculation among fans that they might be in a relationship or even engaged.

xQc’s breakup with Adept, which played out publicly, has been filled with tension. Adept claimed they were married for three years, while xQc denied this and accused her of preventing him from paying bills for his house in Texas. Clearly, there is discord between them.

However, when Fran, a former Overwatch streamer, posted a picture of herself kissing xQc, she swiftly removed all her social media presence. Recently, she has resumed activity on Instagram and prominently displayed the photo of them kissing. This has led to speculation about their potential engagement.

At one point, Fran was a prominent Overwatch streamer but has since moved on from the game. In 2022, she faced backlash for launching a controversial NFT project.

After the backlash, Fran decided to quit streaming and announced her intention to return home and care for her parents. She later resumed streaming, taking a more casual approach and distancing herself from being exclusively an Overwatch streamer.

Although Fran initially deleted her social media accounts shortly after posting the picture of her kissing xQc on Instagram, she has since restored her Instagram presence, and the photo is still visible.

Several days later, xQc shared a picture on his Instagram reel featuring a woman’s hand resting on his chest. The hand had a prominent diamond ring and other rings. Curiously, observant individuals noticed that the rings on the hand in xQc’s picture matched those on Fran’s hand in a separate Instagram post.



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