Fans mock Chunkz after shocking Soccer Aid performance

Yesterday saw British Youtuber Chunkz put in a shockingly bad performance at the annual Soccer Aid charity match. Here, he played for England against the rest of the world and didn’t really do himself many favors, despite playing alongside soccer legends such as Paul Scholes and others.

On Twitter, fans were quick to judge the Youtube star, and although most of it was banter – many still had a serious point. One user wrote, “Chunkz went on a weight loss journey and gained weight. Fair enough” whilst another added, “Stop stinking up my telly fam. You shouldn’t play anymore, you’ve had your chance. Don’t gas yourself.” Even Chunkz himself described his performance as ‘a stinker’.

However, sometimes a video shows more than words could ever do. This short compilation clip below shows how his performance went down:

As the memes flew in, one person even wrote down every single mistake that Chunkz made during his performance. Overall, this was a pretty dedicated way of criticizing someone. Do some people have too much time on their hands?

In fairness to Chunkz though, it was all for a good cause and by the end of the event, he and the other players had raised a total of over $15 million for charities. With this said, some of the criticisms seemed to go a bit too far.



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