Dream puts mask back on after online backlash

Dream, one of Minecraft’s most prominent creators, has gained even more recognition since he revealed his face in 2022, after years of concealing it with a famous mask.

Previously, Dream chose not to show his face online and instead relied on fan-made avatars and a mask to represent himself. However, in October 2022, the popular YouTuber decided to unveil his face, creating a video that quickly spread across social media platforms.

While many dedicated fans and fellow creators celebrated Dream’s long-awaited reveal, there were also numerous trolls and critics who took the opportunity to mock his appearance. On June 9, Dream released a YouTube video titled ‘bye, from Dream,’ announcing his decision to delete the well-known face reveal and return to wearing a mask.

Here, he said, “I deleted my face reveal, and this is why,” he explained in the video’s caption. “After face revealing and removing my mask, I regretted the attention and hate, and am walking it back.” And continued, “I will slowly be deleting all pictures of me online, and going back to just being a gamer in a mask. Starting with my Mr Beast Video, and my Face Reveal video, ‘Hi, I’m Dream.’ I will be walking it back. I will be getting rid of everything other than my new mask.”

Sadly, it looks as though online vitriol has once again prevailed. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is pretty normalized these days which reinforces why Dream started wearing his mask in the first place.



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