Jack Jones shows huge Physical Transformation gym picture

Going back to 2015, it’s fair to say the internet was a different place. At this time, the UK prankster Jack Jones was at the height of his popularity and achieved millions of views across platforms such as Facebook and Youtube. Here, he would annoy members of the public and do generic pranks, which seemed to be very popular at the time.

Sadly for Jack, his fame was fleeting and the act grew tired quick. Just a few years after his rise to fame, he was no longer relevant and moved out of the spotlight. One thing worth mentioning about Jack was that he always loved the gym and was in physically good shape. You could tell that he worked out.

Step forward 8 years later, and he recently showed a transformation gym picture which may be a little surprising to see.

As seen on the right, Jack was not in good shape and was very fat, with stretch marks on his belly. However, the image on the left was his recent appearance which showed massive progress in the gym and his physique looked much healthier. On Instagram, he wrote, “1st photo is me today, healthy, happy, not drinking & training every day, & the 2nd photo is me heavily overweight, addicted to alcohol & heavily depressed, it just shows when you quit alcohol, start working out every day & start eating healthy that anything is possible Alhamdulillah.”

If anything else, this shows the positivity of training in the gym and the mental and physical benefits that it can bring. It also shows that depression is no joke and should be taken seriously. Whether you loved or hated him back in the day, hopefully we can all agree on wishing Jack Jones a healthy future.



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