Ex-Youtube Creator Leafy causes BACKLASH on Twitter after Transgender criticism

It may have been years after the LeafyIsHere channel got shut down from Youtube for inappropriate content – but Leafy is still active on sites such as Twitter and TikTok. Despite stepping away from the spotlight of his glory days, it turns out that he still has a fairly big following on various platforms, with over 865,000 on Twitter alone.

However, these days he’s not really making videos and has instead turned to bashing the transgender community. By this, we don’t just mean the odd comment here and there. Instead, large scores of his entire feed are based on vitriol and criticism – as seen below:

Many of these tweets have reached millions of impressions and caused quite a stir. However, many people criticized Leafy and saw it as a grab for attention. One user replied, “Why do you keep constantly talking about trans people?” whilst another added, “Because they won’t stop talking about themselves. They want the attention.”

Overall, you could argue that this sort of behavior is typical of Leafy, who previously built a successful career based on shocking, troll-based humor. However, you could also argue that this act has now worn thin, and more than anything else, it seems a bit desperate in this day and age. It also shows that despite his years of absence, his views on the world haven’t really changed much and that for Leafy at least, he’s yet to move on…



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