Roblox Youtuber Denis returns and gives light on his arrest scenario

In what was his first Youtube video in over three weeks, popular Roblox content creator Denis returned to update his fans on what had gone on. In short, it turns out that Denis had been arrested for tax fraud. According to the man himself, he genuinely didn’t know that he had to pay taxes, as he seemed pretty oblivious to the entire process.

He also laughed off claims that his arrest was some kind of hoax but overall seemed in good spirits and wasn’t too phased by it. Perhaps, this could be due to him settling with Canadian tax authorities where he’s effectively paid his taxes now and avoided jail time in the process.

We have to admit though, it was pretty shocking seeing Denis looking like a criminal in his mugshot. Nonetheless, this serves as a timely reminder that you should always pay taxes, and sometimes ignorance doesn’t always cut it in the eyes of the law!

On a brighter note, Denis also mentioned how he would be expanding his Youtube empire with new ideas and series on the horizon. With this in mind, it looks like the whole tax saga was just a blip for Denis who is now focused on getting to 10 million subscribers.



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