Tana Mongeau addresses iDubbbz apology

A few weeks back, iDubbbz made a genuinely heartfelt apology to Tana Mongeau and others. In general, this was a shock considering that it came out of nowhere. On her latest podcast, Tana responded and had this to say:

“It made me cancelled and lose subscribers and stuff. I can’t of feel like I deserved that. Maybe that’s kind of dark. I don’t feel like I was owed an apology. It was a very dark time period of my life with self-reflection…I was on track to be on my high horse. Something going wrong gave me a dose of reality that this may not last forever.”

Interestingly, it seems as though Tana saw the ‘slur’ video as a wake-up call, and in a strange way, it helped her develop into a less pretentious person.

She also referenced him on Twitter and said “Cancelled Podcast as soon as possible. Crazy times. Wonder if he’d ever come on. I have a lot to say, definitely never thought this would happen.”

Based on her tweet, it seems like Tana is actually correct. It does seem strange to think that the two could possibly collaborate in the future, considering the controversy surrounding his original ‘slur’ video. Overall, this behavior should be congratulated by both – as they’re now more mature and have seemingly moved on from their scandalous younger days.



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