Keemstar blasts ‘Quiet’ influencers over Andrew Tate criticisms

This week, Keemstar took to his personal Twitter page to mock previous influencers who had labeled Andrew Tate a ‘sex trafficker’ and other names when he was in prison. However, he also pointed out that those same people had now gone ‘very quiet’. Overall, this is quite true as Tate had his share of critics whilst away – yet since his return these noises have gone quiet.

For instance, whilst in jail, Ethan Klein of H3H3 fame did a video claiming that Tate ‘Confessed to fraud and human trafficking’ – obviously, these claims are pretty serious and carry a lot of weight. Since his release, Klein hasn’t really said anything though. It could well be Ethan Klein that Keemstar was alluding to in his tweet due to their previous beef. However, it’s also likely that he was also speaking about others who did similar.

Now, irrespective of what does eventually happen to Andrew Tate (legally speaking), it seems that Keemstar does have a point. If someone is against an individual, then they should stick to their beliefs regardless of if that person is behind bars or not. Having said this, it would also be good for clarification if Keem actually mentioned people by name as generalizations aren’t always helpful either.



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