iShowSpeed attacked by random fan at soccer game

Today saw Youtuber iShowSpeed attend a soccer game in England that saw his supported team Manchester United play their fierce rivals Manchester City. Whilst in the fans, a random fan lunged at iShowSpeed and started attacking him. Bizarrely, it looked as though the two hadn’t spoken beforehand, so this looked to be completely unprovoked.

However, the attack wasn’t wise from the random fan – as iShowSpeed’s bodyguard quickly intervened. It’s fair to say that his bodyguard was far bigger than iShowSpeed, who in fairness looked innocent. Here, his bodyguard physically grabbed the attacker and dominated him in the stands.

The camera then panned back to iShowSpeed who genuinely looked a bit shocked. Thankfully though, his bodyguard saved the day. In fairness, had his bodyguard not been present then there’s a good chance that he could have taken a beating, so it looked to be a wise decision to show up with some muscle. Remember, English soccer games sometimes do have crowd trouble, so this was always a possibility.

If nothing else, this serves as an example that famous Youtubers always have to be wary. Whilst out in the public, you never know what could happen and sadly there’s always people ready to take a pop at you.



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