Clara & Trey Bell announce they’re QUITTING TikTok and Social Media for good

Yesterday, the Instagram account of ClaraRoseBell announced that she and her husband (Trey Bell) would be quitting social media, with TikTok specifically mentioned. On her story, she wrote “So the day has come…We’ve been thinking about it for a while and decided it’s time that we’re done with social media and TikTok.”

The lengthy statement continued with their reasons why – which mostly involved TikTok taking over their lives and affecting their relationship with their kids. It ended by saying “Again I just want to say thank you so much to those who supported us and kept with us. I’ll probably make a more in depth video about this before we get off.”

In fairness, it won’t be a full blackout, as she did mention that she would stay on Instagram sporadically. This move was mostly praised by their fans who saw it as a natural, healthy step away from social media. Usually, influencers stay for as long as possible which can be damaging for their mental health. At this point in time, they have nearly 1 million followers on TikTok and have gained popularity over the years.

However, it seems that some things in life are bigger than fame and overall it seems like a sensible move for this young family.



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