Andrew Tate BLASTS Twitch Streamer Destiny – Calls him “Low Level Loser”

Although controversial influencer Andrew Tate is still under house arrest, it still hasn’t stopped him from accessing his personal Twitter account. This comes just one year after Elon Musk allowed him back on the platform after years of being banned on the popular social network.

Recently, Tate turned his attention to Destiny, who is undeniably one of the world’s most popular Twitch streamers. Here, Destiny boasts millions of fans. Tate was critical of a certain video clip that showed Destiny streaming live with his girlfriend sitting next to him. At one point, she got up and started intimately dancing with another man.

It turns out that this is because Destiny is in an open relationship with his girlfriend, which has often been the source of ridicule over the years. Speaking on Twitter, Tate had this to say:

“When you decide to dye your hair blue in an attempt to garner individuality, instead of achieving individuality via competence and achievement (masculine imperative) – you are signaling to the world how average you truly are.

And when you’re an average man, your woman is clearly happy to sleep with average men…so when the other average dude is in the room.

You’re in trouble.

This is all low level loser stuff that never happens in the highest echelons of masculine excellence because your female never meets anybody who could possibly compete.”

Overall, this was a very Andrew Tate-esque response to Destiny’s lifestyle. You could also argue that he was reaching a bit – suggesting that his polyamorous relationship was due to the color of his hair.



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