Bryce Hall calls KSI ‘Sweet’ & disses him on Twitter

Over the years, both KSI and Bryce Hall have teased a Youtube boxing match. This has developed into a verbal fued – as well as a possible physical one. Overall, you could argue that Hall’s hype has died down since his peak, but nonetheless – they could still meet in the ring one day.

Speaking of which, Bryce Hall recently spoke out about KSI on Twitter over the weekend, and his words for the Brit weren’t exactly complimentary. As seen below, he was actually quite insulting:

This comes days after he told KSI “1 year off and I still manage to not throw elbows but we should do an MMA fight since you got it like that” after KSI responded by saying “Take the gloves off mate.” Clearly, Hall is chasing the bag.

As mentioned earlier, the likelihood of this bout is not exactly high (but not impossible). This comes after Bryce Hall previously lost a boxing match to Austin McBroom last year via TKO. On the other hand, KSI’s boxing career has only progressed since then. Nonetheless, the trash talking is there from Hall, who also teased a supposed ‘big announcement.’ This one looks to rumble on into the future and shows no signs of slowing down for the time being.



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