Before & After pics show DRAMATIC plastic surgery results for TikTok creator Snackqween

Best known for her food and snack videos on TikTok, a ‘before and after’ image recently showed the dramatic transformation of Snackqween. In fairness, she has actually always been pretty upfront about her plastic surgery and has spoke about getting a nose job and lid lifts in the past. As seen below, this is pretty obvious:

Not only this, but you could also speculate that she may have had some kind of botox seeing as her skin looks tighter around the cheeks, whilst her bottom lip also looks plumper too. However, at this point, the idea of Snackqween having botox is pure speculation.

Overall, this isn’t too surprising as these days, plenty of influencers choose to have some kind of cosmetic procedures. This is often because their lives are showcased in front of millions of people, so unsupririsngly they may choose to go under the knife to look a certain way. As for Snackqween, she boasts nearly 1.5 million followers on TikTok.



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