Thogden takes glove from child, drama ensues

Popular British Youtuber Theo Ogden (commonly known as Thogden) recently did his public image no favors and had a bit of a disaster. In one video, he was filming outside of a soccer stadium which is typical of his content, before wandering up towards a local, younger fan. Visibly, the fan was holding a goalkeeper glove which was a gift from one of the team’s players.

Filming from a first person view, Thogden said “What’s this, the glove from last season – my brother? It’s signed as well. Mate, you want to give this to me? Right, I’m going to sort you out – I’ll send you something.” before taking the glove from the child and walking off. The kid barely said much during this exchange and understandably, people were upset over it, with many labeling Thogden ‘entitled’ and ‘out of touch’. In short, it was insinuated that Thogden had basically invited the glove onto himself, whereby the kid didn’t really offer it.

Trying damage limitation, Thogden briefly mentioned this in a later video, whereby his father pretended to steal a glove from him in a playful manner. Overall, the clip was a little strange to say the least but as ever, we don’t know the context behind it or whether it was pre-arranged.

In one video shown below, Thogden has had his share of criticism over the years which is mostly surrounding his father (who often features in videos with him). This was because a previous newspaper article was found where his dad (Stephen Ogden) was vocally supportive of Putin and the Conservative party. Hopefully, the glove debacle will be solved or new information will come out showing it as a misunderstanding…however we may be in for a long wait.



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