Reddit user claims Kenzi Nichole isn’t actually dying of cancer

Recently, prominent TikTok user Kenzi Nichole claimed that she had cancer, and had even written a letter to her children to be opened after her potential death. Obviously, the TikTok community reacted with a mixture of sorrow and sympathy towards Kenzi Nichole.

However, a recent Reddit thread has changed the narrative. According to user Burritobabeguac, she claimed “Kenzie is on live now. Someone mentioned the last time they saw her she had stated she was dying. Kenzie responded that those TikToks were misconstrued and her art to represent (sic) how she was feeling. “If she wasn’t dying physically she was dying mentally.””

Now, it’s not sure whether this claim is legit, and at this point it’s still a bit hearsay. However, if true then it is quite damning as far as the reputation of Kenzi Nichole goes. This is even more relevant seeing as she accepted financial donations during this time. Further still, there were also videos of her child worrying about her cancer.

Certainly, the truth will come out at some point and hopefully it clears things up a little. Until then, we’re currently left with quite a lot of speculation and hearsay which sounds about right as far as TikTok drama is concerned.



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